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Life is a journey, and sometimes along the way we may face difficulties and discomforts.



A psychotherapy  session is a space where you met a proffesional expert. Togethere, you explore how do you experience the world and what is the connection between your behaviors, thoughts and emotions to understand what is causing discomfort in your life. On the same line, the practice of yoga  as a psycho-physical practice is a powerful tool. It is per se a gate into the mind; an experience that begins with the body and gently allow us to observe and understand deeply into ourselves, bringing  awareness to the connection between our emotions, thoughts and body. Yoga can be a deep therapeutical practice to heal physically and emotionally and improve people’s life.




In a therapy session you find a kind hand you can hold when you need guidance and help.This is a process of self-growth and discovery. A space for you. Here, we create together a comfortable environment  where we can understand your needs and together we find the best way to approach your process.



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In a personal yoga class you’ll benefit from personal attention tailored to your specific needs. This will allow you to learn at your own pace and explore your practice in a therapeutic, confidential and safe way.



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Paula Graduated in Psychology in Spain and works as a certified Yoga instructor. After many years of yoga practice and high education she is dedicated  to deepen in the understandings of the physical and philosophical yoga practice and its deep relation with the human psychology and behavior. Having experience what yoga can do for people’s physical and mental well being, nowadays she offers her expertise on phychology and yoga to help others live a healthier, happier life


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